What If You Hated the Food at the Wedding Reception?

Just about everyone has attended a wedding reception and came away less than happy with the food served. The discontent can have to do with the taste, the temperature, or the fact there was nothing on hand that fit into the guest’s personal diet plan. Whatever the reason behind the hate, being left unhappy with the food does call for employing a few strategies. Here are some tips that will help.

Focus More on Who is There

One look at the food selection was all it took to realize eating was out of the question. That means focusing on other aspects of the reception. Do make it a point to congratulate the newly married couple and mingle a bit with the other guests. If anyone asks why you aren’t eating yet, tell them that you’ll get around to it a little later.

While it would be nice to have something to nibble on, set that idea aside and spend time catching up with people you’ve not seen in some time. Talk, laugh, and have something to drink. That will help you enjoy the time even if the food is anything but what you want or need.

Step Out for a Moment

Unless the reception is a small one, there’s a chance you can duck out for a short time without anyone noticing. This provides you with the chance to find a local eatery, order something that will calm those hunger pangs, and allow you to go back ready to socialize a little longer. Should anyone notice the return, say that there was a pressing matter that needed attention and it’s resolved now.

If you believe the hosts would be less offended if there was some reason to leave, look no further than your mobile phone. For all anyone knows, you set it to vibrate for incoming calls before the ceremony took place. Pretend to answer your phone, listen intently for a couple of minutes, ask a question, and then end the call. Make your apologies and say you need to take care of a matter and will return as quickly as possible.

Remember that food was not the reason for attending in the first place. Should it not be to your taste, there is no need to force yourself to consume any of it. With a little planning, you can still enjoy the other elements of the reception, find something to tide you over, and have a proper meal later on.