What is Catering Tasting?

Clients may not have heard of catering tasting before, but this particular approach is a valuable strategy that should not be left out of the equation. Here is what you need to know about the tasting and why it will have an impact on your upcoming event.

Coming Up with the Right Menu for the Event

The process of catering tasting allows clients to sample small portions of the different foods that the caterer recommends for the upcoming event. This will often include samplings of foods that the client has mentioned specifically, but may also include some other offerings that have not come to mind.

Generally, the tasting will take place in a quiet environment and will not be a hurried activity. The goal is for the client to have the chance to enjoy a bite or two of each item that could be included in the final menu. As the tasting progresses, certain selections will emerge as being to the liking of the client, while others can be eliminated from the running.

The Chance to Discuss Pricing

During the tasting, there is the opportunity to discuss the cost of including a certain entree, appetizer, and side dish as part of the menu. Many of the side dishes and appetizers will come at a standard price that does not change as the seasons pass. Others will cost more or less based on what the caterer will have to pay for the ingredients. When the client likes two items in particular and one of them will cost significantly more per serving, it makes sense to go with the equally appealing but less expensive option.

Making Sure the Menu Covers All the Bases

This is also the time to discuss special dietary needs. Which offerings would be find for attendees who need to monitor carbohydrate intake or limit their consumption of cholesterol? The caterer will readily be aware of dishes that will taste great and are also right for those special diets.

Never pass up the opportunity to participate in a catering tasting. Doing so ensures the foods selected are ideal for the event and that they will be prepared to the liking of the client.