What is the Single Most Popular Finger Food for Parties?

There are all sorts of finger foods that fit right in with different events. From casual receptions after afternoon weddings to birthday parties and even get together to watch something on television, finger foods are sure to be part of the plan. One question that many people ask is what type of party finger food is really the most popular. While it would be hard to come up with an answer everyone would agree with, there is one staple that many party planners recommend: the chicken tender.

The Perfect Anchor for the Party Food

The thing about serving chicken tenders as one of the main finger foods at an event is that most people will readily reach for them. It’s easy enough to put out a large platter of tenders along with a selection of dipping sauces and keep most people happy. The sauces are what provides a little more variety to those lightly battered and fried strips of chicken. While other food will be on the table, the chicken can serve as the anchor for the cut vegetables, nuts, and sweets that are also part of the mix.

Easy to Enjoy Without Utensils

Tenders intended for use at parties are generally just large enough to grip with ease. That makes it all the easier to fill a small plate without having to use any utensils. While the focus is on the convenience of the guests, the fact that there is no need for utensils reduces the amount of cleaning up that must be done once the party is over. There will still be the need to wash the dishes and the utensils needed for things like dips and cheeses, but requiring nothing more than a platter to serve the tenders does help.

When planning the menu for a casual party, start with chicken tenders and then add other finger foods to bring in more variety and color. The result will be a spread that ensures everyone in attendance has something good to eat and the cleanup afterwards will be a snap.