What to Do About Allergy Sensitive Guests at Your Wedding Reception

When making out the guest list, it occurs to you that one of the people you are inviting has a peanut allergy. That leads you to wonder if some of the other guests may have food and other types of allergies that you need to take into consideration. There are ways to work with a caterer and ensure there are foods on hand that are safe for everyone. Here are some tips on how to make that happen.

Ask for Information Up Front

When sending out the reception invitations, ask that guests respond so you know they are coming. Along with confirming their plans to attend, ask that they provide information about any food or other allergies that they deal with. Once you have the confirmations back, it will be easy to know who needs to avoid nuts, who cannot take ingest certain types of spices, and who is likely to have a problem with dairy products.

Take the Information to the Caterer

While you may think that it will be impossible to work all of those special needs into the menu planning, caterers are used to dealing with this type of thing. Along with coming up with recipes for dishes that are free of anything likely to trigger an attack, they also understand the importance of preparing those dishes on surfaces and in cookware that is not used to prepare the other dishes. That’s important, since taking that extra care ensures what is supposed to be a perfectly safe dish will not be contaminated with something that causes distress for a guest.

Remember that the care is not only in preparation of foods for the reception dinner. If the plan is to have servers circulate bearing trays of hors d'oeuvres, the ingredients in those offerings must be chosen with the same level of caution. There is no such thing as just a smidgen of nuts in a pastry when that person suffers with a nut allergy. On this front, the caterer can come up with suggestions that will work fine for those who must avoid certain foods and still be quite tasty to the other guests.

Remember that the more information you provide to the caterer, the easier it will be to accommodate special dietary needs. With the right approach, everyone will have a wonderful time, plenty to eat, and not have to worry about an adverse reaction.