Born in New Brunswick and raised in Ontario, Matthew (Matty) James Matheson rose quickly through the culinary ranks. He completed chef training and culinary management at Humber College in 2003 and from there, took a job at Le Select Bistro.

In 2007, after three years, Chef Matheson left his position as junior sous chef, to run the kitchen at La Palette in Toronto’s iconic Kensington Market. His French training at Le Select and La Palette, combined with his instinctual Canadiana cooking skills, led to Oddfellows, a one-table-only unique culinary experience that closed its doors in February 2011.

In spring 2010, Chef Matheson continued the dynamic relationship with the Oddfellows founders at The Social Group’s newest restaurant and live music venue, Parts & Labour, in Toronto’s undeniably cool Parkdale neighbourhood.

At the age of 31, he serves as Parts & Labour’s Executive Chef, where he satiates the appetites of hungry diners daily with haute cuisine.

In 2011, he co-founded Toronto’s wildly successful Group of 7 Chefs, where thematic monthly dinners take over various Toronto venues.

In 2012, The Social Group, Chef Matheson, and a newly appointed team of event experts launched P&L Catering, bringing Matheson’s rogue culinary experiences to unique venues across the city. In 2013, Chef Matheson’s Parts & Labour burger won first place in the Toronto edition of Country Music Television’s Burger Wars, out-stacking The Burger’s Priest and Dangerous Dan’s Diner. Feeding off of this success, The Social Group launched its latest offering in Toronto’s burger mecca (Queen West and Spadina) December 2013: The P&L Burger. The in-and-out style, 15-seat shop serves seven gourmet burgers and eight sides, each envisioned by Chef Matheson.

Recently Matty has become the face of Canadian cooking for arts and culture media company VICE, with a new show called “KEEP IT CANADA” where he sources Canada for its top ingredients and meets with leading local talent along the way, he tours 8 provinces to show the world what Canadian cooking is all about.