Wedding in 2nd Floor

A Versatile Wedding and Reception Venue: Exploring the Options Offered at 2nd Floor

Located in the King West section of Toronto, 2nd Floor is home to all sorts of events. That includes wedding ceremonies and receptions. One of the things that sets this venue apart from the rest is how easily the spaces can be adapted to just about any setting. From an open space concept to something more intimate, the staff will work with the couple and the planner to ensure the space is exactly what is needed.

What’s So Different About the Space?

There are several features that help to set 2nd Floor apart from other venues. One has to do with the possibility of using the theater for the wedding ceremony. While a professional is taking care of the wedding catering at 2nd Floor in another area, it’s easy for up to 200 guests to sit in comfort in the theater and watch as the happy couple exchange their vows. State of the art lighting in the theater makes it possible to dim the lights for a more romantic setting or have the house lights on full so that everyone can see clearly. The simplicity of the setting lends itself well in terms of decorating the space for the event.

Other areas of the venue can be used to set up for the reception. One of the more interesting features is the room dividers that are lowered from the ceiling to create just about any configuration that the couple wants for the reception. This makes it easy to ensure the space is small and intimate or large enough to accommodate a more formal reception dinner. There are even ways to set up the space for a cocktail reception if that’s what the couple has in mind.

In every area of the venue, it’s possible to make use of one of the best sound systems in the city. Whether the couple plans on having live music for the reception or making use of mixes for the dancing or background music, the equipment is already in place.

Capacity is something to keep in mind. Depending on where the reception is held and how the space is arranged, it’s possible to accommodate up to 200 people.

The Catering

The catering team will have access to facilities that makes it easy to put the finishing touches on every food item before it’s placed in the reception area. That includes kitchen space for heating, cooling, and other essentials of food preparation. The staff at 2nd Floor will also work with the caterer to ensure there are plenty of servers and other members of the wait staff to ensure no detail is overlooked.

Talk with an expert in wedding catering in Toronto and find out more about this venue. Discuss how much space is needed and what it would take to ensure the reception area was arranged to fit in with the general theme for the wedding. With a little time and planning, this venue could be transformed into exactly what the couple has in mind and provide the ideal backdrop for their special day.

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