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What the Art Gallery of Toronto Offers Couples Who Want the Ideal Wedding and Reception Venue

Planning a wedding ceremony and reception involves quite a few details. One that has to be settled early on is where the event will take place. One of the wedding venues in the greater Toronto Area that you need to consider closely is the Art Gallery of Toronto. Here are some of the reasons why this location is an excellent choice.

Some Background on the AGO

The Art Gallery of Toronto was designed by Frank Gehry. In fact, this was the first Canadian building designed by Gehry. While the Gallery does have the qualities that most people expect to find in this type of structure, he also added touches that make AGO unique. Those include staircases that are as graceful as they are functional, the placement and use of glass in a way that allows for a maximum amount of natural light without sacrificing display space, and rich hardwoods to provide the building with a sense of history and permanence. Along with serving as a gathering place for some of the most eclectic art collections in the country, the building design also lends itself well to conferences, weddings, and other types of events.

Ideas for Your Wedding and Reception

There are several areas of the AGO you could reserve for a wedding and a reception. It’s not unusual for couples to choose Walker Court as the spot for the ceremony. Found at the center of the gallery, Walker Court includes one of the spiral staircases designed by Gehry. Simple walls accented with gracefully arched doorways provide an open feel that’s perfect for this type of event. The Court is large enough to accommodate 450 guests for a standing ceremony or seating can be brought in that will suffice for up to 300.

The space is large enough for a smaller wedding and reception. If your plan is to have less than a hundred people in attendance, it’s easy enough to use part of the space for the ceremony while the opposite end of the Court is set up for the reception. With the use of mobile room dividers, creating the sense of intimacy you want for each part of your special day will not be difficult. While you and your beloved are exchanging vows, the professionals taking care of the wedding catering in Toronto can be on the other side of those dividers or screens putting the finishing touches on the food tables, including the bride’s and groom’s tables.

Another idea is to utilize the Baillie Court. This space provides a view of Toronto’s skyline and room for your ceremony, your reception, or both. Along with the view and all the natural light, this area also includes access to a dedicated event kitchen. You’ll also love the soundproof Douglas Fir air wall. The seating capacity for a reception is 400. Another 50 people can fit in without crowding if you prefer to go with a standing reception. As with Walker Court, it’s possible to arrange the space so that one end is used for the ceremony and the other for your reception.

Make your reservations today, then call to speak with a professional wedding caterer. Whether you are planning a small intimate reception or one that involves hundreds of guests, our team will ensure every detail is to your liking.

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