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Choices for Your Wedding and Reception: What Andrew Richard Designs Offers

How would you like to find the ideal venue for your wedding and reception in downtown Toronto and have access to several different areas with their own feel and look? That’s what you get with Andrew Richard Designs. At this venue, you have the opportunity to compare the features and amenities of three different spaces. Here is what you need to know about each one.

The Atrium

Available between September and April, the Atrium offers 8,000 square feet of space that you can use in just about any configuration one can imagine. The space will easily provide seating for up to 300 if you like the idea of holding your ceremony in the Atrium. When the plan is to have a reception with standing room, food tables, and possibly a deejay for the music, it’s possible to accommodate more than twice that number of people.

Some of the high points about this space is the floor to ceiling windows that allow plenty of natural light into the space. During any season, your guests are treated to a spectacular view. The walnut hardwood flooring adds an air of simple elegance that fits in neatly with a formal or casual theme. The large skylights allow for more natural light or a spectacular view of the stars if you are going with a candlelight ceremony after dark.

The Loft

Are you thinking in terms of a more intimate setting? You’ll find that the Loft is ideal when your guest list includes family and close friends only. With a seating capacity of 160, it would be easy to gather 80 or so of those you love most for the ceremony and still have time for the professional managing your wedding catering in Toronto to use the rest of the space to create a spectacular reception area.

The basic while studio comes with pane windows that let in plenty of natural light. The 11 foot ceilings ensure the space is cozy without feeling closed in. An elevated stage is perfect for the wedding party and guarantees that all of the guests can observe the exchange of vows with ease.

The Gallery

If you are thinking of using the Loft or the Atrium for the ceremony, reserving the Gallery for the reception is a wonderful idea. The art currently on display will delight your guests. A large skylight combined with the ambient lighting ensures the reception space is always cheery and comfortable, Located at ground level like the Atrium, the Gallery also boasts mobile walls. That makes it all the easier to arrange the space to suit your reception plans.

Reserve your spaces at Andrew Richard Designs and then call us to come up with the perfect catering menu. Our team will work with you to ensure there are plenty of wonderful things for your guests to enjoy. From the simplest fare to something that is as exotic as you want, our team will work with you to ensure everything is just the way you want.

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