Arcadian Court

A Space Like No Other: Why Arcadian Court is Perfect for Your Wedding and Reception

You love the idea of holding your wedding and reception in downtown Toronto, but you are not sure which venue would be right. Part of the issue is that you are still working out the details of what you want in the way of colours and other elements for the event. Why not focus your attention on a venue that is known for lending itself easily to customization? That venue is Arcadian Court.

A Setting With History

Arcadian Court has been around since 1929. Over the years, a number of important events have taken place within its walls. The first radio broadcast of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra took place here. When the famous auction house Southeby’s decided to expand beyond Great Britain, that very first one took place in Arcadian Court.

Along with these historic events, Arcadian Court has been the site of many concerts over the years. From classical concerts to adult contemporary and popular music entertainers, many of them have delighted fans within the walls of this venue.

Restored to the Glory Years

In recent years, steps were taken to undo some of the modernization that had been done to Arcadian Court in times past. What you have today is a beautiful and expansive space for your special day. Eight of the original arches are now exposed again and help to add to the air of expansiveness found in the mezzanine. You’ll also find that other arches that had not been covered have been restored to their original designs. There are even chandeliers in the space designed to recapture the opulent look that the Court offered during its first decades. All these efforts come together to create a setting that will be ideal for your wedding plans.

Features You Need to Know About

The Court has a seating capacity of 520. It’s easy enough to arrange the seating for your ceremony any way you like. If you prefer to use the beautiful windows as the backdrop for exchanging your vows, that is not a problem. You can also choose to have go with seating in the round and stand with your beloved under one of the graceful chandeliers. The venue also has seating on hand, so there is no need to hire an outside service to deliver the seats, set them up, and collect them after your wedding day is over.

You could also use the Arcadian Loft and its capacity of 312 for the ceremony what the professionals handling your wedding catering in Toronto are busy creating a beautiful reception area in the Court. Imagine holding a more intimate wedding ceremony in the Loft and then adjourning to the Court for a reception with a larger group of loved ones.

After you reserve the Court and possibly the Loft for your ceremony and reception, give us a call to begin the planning for your reception. We will handle everything for you, including the bridal cake, the groom’s cake, and any type of food and drink you want to serve. If you have guests with special dietary needs, we are happy to accommodate any requests that come to mind. In a short time, the menu planning will be complete and you can turn your attention to the other details of your big day.

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