Artscape Wychwood Barns

An Indoor Venue With an Outdoor Feel: Why Artscape Wychwood Barns is Perfect for Your Wedding and Reception

What does one do with a former transit facility rather than allow it to fall into ruin? You convert it into one of the most appealing event venues in the area. That’s what has taken place with Artscape Wychwood Barns. Since 2008, the facility has been home to a number of different events. While you may enjoy learning about the range of art festivals, musical recitations and other community activities that take place in the area, what interests you right now is what the place has to offer in the way of space for your wedding and reception in Toronto.

An Eclectic Setting

With this setting, you have all the elements in place to create the perfect setting for your wedding and reception. The space boasts high ceilings and plenty of ways for the interior to be flooded with natural light. Thanks to the open floor plan, it’s easy enough to use drapes or other types of mobile enclosures to arrange the space to your liking. For example, it would be easy enough to set up one area for the wedding ceremony and then use lace curtain panels to section off the area you want to use for the reception.

How Many Guests Can I Invite?

Depending on how you choose to lay out the space, it’s possible to accommodate up to 400 guests comfortably. You can choose to set up a wedding buffet along with tables for each of the cakes and still have room for guests to sit, stand, or dance if they like. If your plans call for a formal sit-down reception, it will be necessary to limit the guest list. A professional planner can help you with the plans for the wedding catering in Toronto and determine how to arrange the tables so the maximum number of guests can be invited without any significant crowding.

What About the Theme?

The elements of the Barn work well with a number of wedding themes. You can choose to go with something traditional that involves all the candles and other formal touches that you want. It’s also possible to use a more casual theme that involves the use of balloons, ribbons, paper lanterns, and any other element you can imagine. As long as your plans fit into the square footage, you can go with any theme that you like.

What About Parking?

Parking is conveniently located nearby. Along with the street parking available, There are several Green P lots within easy walking distance. It’s possible to arrange for shuttles if you have guests with limited mobility.

After you book your wedding date at Artscape Wychwood Barns, give us a call and lets make the plans for your catering needs. No matter what theme you have in mind or what type of food you want to serve, we have the perfect solution. That includes traditional favourites, selections for people with special dietary needs, and even something special that you want to have just because you and your beloved happen to want it included.

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