Ideal Wedding Day in Barrie

Making Plans for Your Wedding and Reception in Barrie

With so many plans to make before your wedding day arrives, it pays to take care of first things first. So much of the planning hinges on choosing the right location for your wedding and reception in Barrie. To help you get started, here are a few suggestions.

The Wilds at Cedar Valley

The Wilds at Cedar Valley is one of the premiere golf courses in the GTA but it happens to be much more than that. Many couples have chosen this venue for their weddings and receptions. One of the reasons is because of the excellent service and support offered by the staff. The fact that the facilities are among the best in the area doesn’t hurt.

The golf course is not the only part of the landscape that receives ongoing attention. You’ll find several areas with graceful stands of trees that are ideal for an outdoor ceremony. Seating can be provided for your guests or everyone can gather around the couple as the vows are exchanged. Owing to the beauty of the landscape, you can choose a minimalist approach to decorating or bring in any special elements you want to define the space.

Once the ceremony is over, move on to a reception on the cedar pavilion. Your guests continue to enjoy the blue skies and the marvelous view as they dine on wonderful food, dance as much as they like, and in general share in your special day.

Liberty North

Another excellent choice for your Barrie wedding and reception, Liberty North. With ballrooms offering a touch of elegance and Indonesian charm, you won’t have any problem finding the right space for the reception or the ceremony. You may want to consider using one of the ballrooms for a combined experience. Panels or screens can be used to define the spaces used for each event on your special day. With a capacity of up to 300, you can make plans for a beautiful ceremony and pair it with a sit-down dinner followed by dancing.

The staff at Liberty North offer several packages that are worth considering. Look them over and identify one that is close to what you have in mind. From there, it will be easy to customize your planning so that no detail is overlooked.

Ferndale Banquet Hall

At the Ferndale Banquet Hall, you’ll find a staff that is eager to ensure the plans for your wedding day are perfect. This Barrie venue provides a splendid setting complete with hardwood floors, excellent lighting options, and all the modern amenities and features you could want. The Hall can accommodate up to 240 people and many of the basics you need for the reception are included in the rental fee. You have access to a personal coordinator who can help come up with the ideal layout for the ceremony and reception areas. The professional taking care of your catering in Barrie has access to a commercial kitchen that will make putting the finishing touches on the food quick and easy.

With the venue selected, talk with us about what you would like to serve at the reception. Give us a call and let’s settle the details for the menu. Whether you like the idea of a sit-down dinner or something a little more casual, we are happy to make suggestions and design a menu that’s perfect for your guests and your budget.

photo credit: by Nat Caron Photography