Berkeley Church

Wedding Celebrations in Elegant Settings: Choosing the Berkeley Church

Couples who love the idea of taking their vows and celebrating with their loved ones in one of the most historic settings possible will want to look closely at the Berkeley Church in downtown Toronto. Along with several areas ideal for the ceremony, the options for setting up a reception will make the process of wedding catering in Toronto all the easier. Here are a few of the features that make this grand old church the perfect place to begin married life.


The Berkeley Church dates back to 1871 and is considered one of the highlights of the downtown area. In the late 20th century, the church underwent a renovation to ensure the the historic building would continue to serve a valuable purpose in the community. That purpose often has to do with celebrations like weddings and receptions in the Greater Toronto Area.

The Venue Features

Much of the original elements remain in the building where they blend in nicely with modern touches. The main floor sports an open plan that ensures there is room for thousands of guests. That space feels much like a ballroom and includes fireplaces that give the space a sense of warmth that is so important to special events. A bar that is inspired by the Victorian area rounds out the features found on the main floor.

The main floor is not the only area to consider. The mezzanine overlooks the main floor and boasts tall ceilings and a beautiful view of the 17-foot high stained-glass windows. The natural light streaming through the stained glass windows is augmented with the latest in lighting techniques. That makes it all the easier to establish the right mood for a wedding reception.

There is also a lower level that is referred to as the Circa 1871 Lounge. This area sports stone walls, a wine cellar, and a courtyard that is fully enclosed. The layout is ideal for smaller receptions or for couples who would prefer a more intimate setting for the wedding and a reception to follow. As with the other areas of the church, the Lounge is has an updated electrical system which will make the wedding catering in the GTA all the easier.

An Idea for the Wedding Day

The mezzanine is a popular location for holding the wedding ceremony. In fact, that area has been a favorite of couples since the church was first built in the latter 19th century. The space is large enough to accommodate a number of seats as well as room for standing. It’s not unusual for couples to opt for a ceremony in the mezzanine and then go to the lower level Lounge for the wedding reception.

With plenty of space to utilize, it’s easy to see how a couple who wants to celebrate their wedding day with all of their friends and relatives would love this setting. With the perfect combination of the historic and the modern, the Berkeley Church is the perfect venue for pledging to love one another from now on and make those first few hours of wedded bliss something the couple will remember for all their lives.

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