Bowmanville Inspired Wedding

Looking for the Right Bowmanville Wedding Venue? Try These Favorites!

Of course you want your wedding and reception in Bowmanville to be the most memorable event of your life. That’s why so much care must be put into selecting the perfect location. As you consider the type of reception and ceremony that is right for you and your beloved, take a close look at these venues. One of them could be what you’ve always wanted.

The Rolling Acres

One of the things you’ll notice as you make your way to 2941 Taunton Road is that there’s a lot in the area to pull you away from the cares of the city. After you arrive at the Rolling Acres and stroll around the grounds, all sorts of ideas for outdoor weddings and receptions will come to mind. The gazebo along the water’s edge provides the ideal spot to exchange your vows and ensures there is room for everyone you want to invite.

After the ceremony, there are several outdoor spaces where you can arrange for the reception. With the right team handling the catering in Bowmanville, it will be easy to set up a casual reception that includes seating, room for dancing, and the perfect spot for a DJ or a live band.

Carruthers Creek Golf & Country Club

Don’t forget to drop by Carruthers Creek Golf & Country Club at 650 Lake Ridge Road South in nearby Ajax and see what you think about the facilities set aside for special events. Weddings are among the more popular events held at this venue because of the spacious areas inside and outside. The wedding rooms can be decorated with an abundance of greenery and blooming plants that are already on hand at the club. The Tropical Room includes a waterfall that can serve as the ideal backdrop for the exchange of vows. As you begin to make the plans, the staff will provide suggestions and information about things like linens, tables, chairs, and other basics that you will need for your special day.

The Carvers Cottage

If you head out to 3400 Concession Road 9 in Pickering, you’ll find the Carvers Cottage. One of the features that you’ll love is the bridal cottage. That provides the ideal place for the bride and the attendants to prepare for the ceremony. Several outdoor areas are ideal for the actual ceremony. Consider using the cottage for a simple wedding and reception when you are planning on exchanging your vows with a few close loved ones on hand. Tent rentals can be arranged if you want an outdoor reception.

Remember that once you have chosen the venue for your special day, the menu for the reception needs attention. That’s where we come in. Give us a call and let’s talk about the type of cakes you want along with the food and drink. Whatever your tastes, the number of people who will be attending, and any special dietary needs that need to be taken into account, our team will provide menu suggestions that ensure you and your guests are pleased.

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