Wedding Plans & Catering for Brockville

Three Possible Venues for Your Brockville Wedding and Reception

While it may seem as if there is plenty of time to make arrangements for your wedding and reception, the fact is that the days and weeks will pass faster than you think. That’s why it’s so important to select a venue sooner rather than later. Here are three possibilities that you will want to visit and consider as the venue where you begin your new life together.

Brockville Convention Centre

A good place to begin your search is at the Brockville Convention Centre on Kent Boulevard. The Centre offers versatile floor plans that make it simple to hold your ceremony and your reception in the same facility. The staff is happy to work with you and create the ideal setting for a standing ceremony or supply seating for your guests. Your reception can also be as casual or as formal as you like. Everything from floor-length table linens to special tables for the bride’s and groom’s cakes are on hand, something that makes planning the reception much easier.

The professional you hire for the catering in Brockville will have access to a commercial kitchen with all the amenities. From preparation areas to counters that can be reserved for the finished platters or plates, it will be easy to organize everything and ensure your guests never have to wonder when more food is coming out.

Fulford Place

A museum may seem an unlikely venue for a wedding and reception, but you’ll find that this former mansion has a number of spaces suitable for those purposes. Located on King Street East, Fulford Place has intimate rooms that are perfect for cozy ceremonies with a few loved ones in attendance. The Italian style gardens include several lovely areas for outdoor ceremonies.

The original dining room can serve as the location for a formal reception or you can consider using the veranda with its breathtaking view of the landscape. Your guests will also enjoy visiting the areas that are open to the public and enjoying the art and other collections on display.

Brockville Country Club

From small weddings to larger receptions, the Brockville Country Club has room for whatever you have in mind. One of the more attractive features of the club is that most of the areas are accessible for those with limited mobility. From wider door frames to lifts for those who have trouble navigating the stairs, the staff ensures your guests are able to go wherever they like.

Consider reserving the board room for the ceremony and enjoy the beauty of the high ceilings and lots of natural light. The space is versatile enough to decorate in any fashion that you prefer. You can also request space outside adjacent to the golf course if an outdoor wedding is what you have in mind.

The main dining room is perfect for a sit-down reception. You’ll also find that the Granite Hall is an excellent choice for both casual and formal receptions.

After you select the venue, contact us and start planning the food for the reception. Call us and one of our experts will ensure the catering in Brockville includes any special dishes you desire.

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