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Venues That You Should Consider for Your Burlington Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Choosing to marry is exciting, but there’s so much to be done before the ceremony takes place. This is especially true when the happy couple has every intention of sharing the day with the people who mean the most to them. With so many wedding venues in Burlington, it may seem intimidating to find the ideal setting. Here are some suggestions that will help.

The Burlington Convention Centre

One of the qualities that the Burlington Convention Centre offers is versatility. There are halls and spaces set aside for wedding parties of all sizes. Whether you plan on a ceremony and reception that includes a few close relatives and friends or an event that is open to just about everyone you know, there is a space that will be just right.

The event staff has a great deal of experience when it comes to planning weddings and receptions. That makes it easier to ensure nothing is overlooked in the planning. It’s easy enough to identify the perfect location, come up with a floor plan, and ensure all the elements are in place without any delays. If the couple wants to create a setting that blends the traditional with the contemporary, that can be done with ease.

The mosaic marble floor in the spaces set aside for receptions are perfect for dancing. In terms of music, the space is set up to accommodate a live band or it’s possible to set aside room for a deejay to set up the equipment and provide plenty of music for people to dance, listen, and enjoy as they visit with one another.

Marquis Gardens

How does the idea of a waterfront ceremony strike you? Perhaps you would like to have the ceremony in one of the halls and then go with a reception that includes the waterfront as the backdrop. You’ll find that Marquis Gardens can provide these options and more.

There are spaces that are ideal for gatherings as few as 50. Other areas will easily provide space for up to 200 guests. The staff provides support with arranging for linens, tables, flowers, and just about everything else needed to ensure those spaces are just what you want. If you need some help finding someone to do the wedding catering in Burlington, they can help with that too.

Paletta Mansion

Included in the grounds of the Paletta Lakefront Park, the Paletta Mansion offers the opportunity to plan a ceremony and reception that is as elegant or as simple as you like. There are a number of areas in the mansion that would work, depending on the number of guests you plan on inviting. The Great Room is a wonderful choice for the reception, especially since the ceremony can be held in the adjacent Royal LePage Hall. Consider the Carmine Verdandah for a more intimate setting. You can also consider The Carmine Room, The Sunroom, and The Library as the place where you want to exchange vows.

Image credit: palettalakefrontmansion.com