Burroughes Building

Considering the Burroughes Building as the Ideal Site for Your Wedding and Reception

There are a lot of venues around Toronto that are ideal for weddings and receptions. Some of them are found in what is known as the Art District on and near the Queen Street West neighborhood. One such facility is the Burroughes Building. Before looking elsewhere, here are some facts you need to know about this venue and what it has to offer.

The Beginnings

The building was constructed and opened in 1907 to house a department store. As was true then and in the decades to follow, the building design allowed for several floors of merchandise catering to just about every taste. Like other chains, the store eventually closed and the building did not see much action for a number of years. It was only when the Queen Street Partners chose to purchase the building and begin to renovate the space that it became the multi-functional venue it is today.

What Floors Can Be Used?

There are specific areas of the building that are available for different types of events, including weddings and receptions. One of the more popular choices is to go with reserving the 6th floor, also known as the Top of the Burroughes. That floor comes with a fully functional kitchen, plenty of space to set up for a wedding ceremony and even more room for a reception. The stand up capacity for this space is up to 450 guests. Thanks to the ample amount of room, it’s easier to set up tables and chairs for the guests, have room for a live band or a deejay, and still leave lots of floor space for dancing.

Another perk of reserving the 6th floor is that the reservation includes access to the terrace area. That makes it all the easier to hold the wedding on the terrace and then have the guests adjourn to the 6th floor for the reception, or vice versa. Getting between the two spaces will not be difficult, since the elevator system is fully restored. That means even guests with limited mobility will be able to participate with ease.

The location and number of elevators also comes in handy for those who are handling the wedding catering at the Burroughes Building. If the reception is not taking place on the same floor as the kitchen, the wait staff can use move between floors easily while using carts for the trays and other serving dishes.

The 3rd floor is also available for various types of events. Stand up receptions of up to 350 guests can be held in this area. If the plan is to have a sit-down dinner as part of the reception, the staff has plenty of experience with helping clients determine how to place tables of varying sizes and shapes to best advantage.

How About Catering

The team at the Burroughes Building has contacts with multiple caterers in the GTA. Clients can also choose their own caterers if they prefer.

If you have recently decided to marry and want to plan a day that both of you will remember fondly for the rest of your lives, visit the Burroughes Building and take a look at each of the available spaces. One is bound to be perfect in terms of square footage, ambiance, and all the other things you want.

Image credit: burroughesevents.com