Caledon Wedding Festivities

Where Will You Hold Your Caledon Wedding and Reception?

While the planning is still underway, one thing is certain: you want the setting for your Caledon wedding and reception to be perfect for the occasion. That means visiting different sites and learning more about what they have to offer. To help you with this part of the planning, consider these locations and what they can provide in the way of support for your big day.

Cambium Farms

Located at 81 Charleston Sideroad, Cambium Farms offers 50 acres found in the bosom of the Caledon hills. Constructed during the early years of the 19th century, the Farms continue to retain much of the original charm. Along with hosting other events, weddings and receptions in Caledon are among the most popular events held on the premises.

You’ll find a number of areas where the festivities can be held. The charming Carriage House is an excellent choice for the ceremony, especially if you are considering something more intimate. The barn has been fully restored and can serve as the site for your reception or the ceremony. Thanks to the nature of the restoration, you’ll find it easy to make the setting as simple or as ornate as you like.

Don’t overlook the possibility of holding the ceremony and the reception outdoors. The kitchen at the Farm has all the modern amenities and provides the space needed by your expert in wedding catering in Caledon to ensure everything is prepared properly. Choose from open spaces or select areas that are shaded by graceful stands of trees. The natural elements found on the Farm will provide a setting that you will remember fondly for years.

Caledon Estates Banquet Halls

Would you like your choice of five different ceremony site options? How about the possibility of holding the reception in a ballroom? At Caledon Estates Banquet Halls, you’ll find these possibilities and a lot more. There are acres of beautifully landscaped spaces to consider for everything from wedding showers to rehearsal dinners and all the events related to your special day. The staff can provide you with ideas for planning the various elements and offer a list of the linens, tables, and other essentials that can be included in your reservation.

Consider a ceremony in one of the outdoor gardens coupled with an indoor reception in one of the ballrooms. You won’t be disappointed.

Caledon Golf and Country Club

Conveniently located at 2121 Olde Base Line Road, the Caledon Golf and Country Club offers settings that may be exactly what you have in mind. The facilities are used for all sorts of events including weddings and receptions. If an outdoor wedding is what you have in mind, there’s a beautiful gazebo on the premises to provide the perfect backdrop. The Club has all that you require in terms of chairs for an outdoor event as well as the chairs and tables needed to arrange the River Room for your reception. Rest assured the staff is happy to customize the details so that the arrangements are ideal.

With the location for the wedding and reception chosen, contact us at 647-503-3580 and begin making plans for the catering. Our team is happy to help with everything from the cakes to recommendations for selections ranging from casual finger foods to elaborate banquet style fare. In a short time, every detail of the menu will be settled and you can get back to all the fun associated with being engaged and making plans for your new life together.

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