Casa Loma

Wedding at a Hill House: What Casa Loma Offers Couples

With more than a century of history, Casa Loma provides a romantic setting for weddings and receptions in the midtown Toronto area. While serving as a museum and a national landmark, it’s possible to reserve the venue once the museum has closed for the day. Here are some of the things you should know about Casa Loma before reserving another venue for your wedding and reception.

The House on the Hill

Casa Loma translates to hill house in Spanish. That is descriptive of the setting of the home and the nature of the land found around the place. Constructed between 1911 and 1914 for Sir Henry Mill Pellatt, the original structure includes seven floors and almost 65,000 square feet. Since the home was first utilized as a museum in 1937, untold numbers of people have come through its doors to admire the design of the building and the collections currently on display.

What About Weddings and Receptions?

While the museum is open during the morning and early afternoon, it is possible to reserve space for a wedding and reception after those hours. Depending on which area of the home or the grounds is reserved, it’s possible to accommodate up to 550 guests.

One of the more popular areas for the ceremony and the reception is the Great Hall. With a 60-foot ceiling supported with oak beams, and the bay windows to let in lots of natural light, it’s not hard to imagine a lavish wedding in the space.

There is also the Library to consider. While smaller than the Great Hall, this space offers the cozy feeling invoked by the beautiful oak paneling and the ornamental plaster ceiling.

Consider the Terrace as the ideal site for a simple ceremony and reception. This space comes with a wonderful view of the grounds, including the carefully manicured gardens that hail from the time of the original landscaping.

There is also the option of reserving the Conservatory for the event. Think of what it would be like to hold the ceremony and entertain the guests in a setting that includes marble and lots of lush greenery.

In all these and other areas of the Casa Loma, there is plenty of access to power for keeping the food at the ideal temperature or ensuring that the music for the ceremony and the reception will not be difficult to arrange. Whomever is selected to manage the wedding catering at Casa Loma will have access to preparation facilities that make it easy to ensure every morsel is tasty and comes with a beautiful presentation.

Choosing to select Casa Loma in Toronto as the site for your wedding and reception provides the chance to enjoy the opulence of decades past while still making the best use of modern amenities. Visit the museum and arrange to speak with the staff about making use of one of the spaces for your upcoming event. It won’t take long to work out the details and ensure that the setting is prepared in plenty of time for the actual wedding and reception.

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