Dream Wedding in Clarington

Choosing a Venue in the Greater Toronto Area for Your Clarington Wedding and Reception

Before you know it, your wedding day will arrive. Even with the help of loved ones and a professional wedding planner, there’s still quite a bit to decide. One of the more important decisions is where the wedding and reception in the GTA will take place. Here are some suggestions for venues found in the general Clarington area that are worth considering.

Kedron Dells Golf Club

It’s difficult to imagine a better location for an outdoor wedding and reception than Kedron Dells Golf Club. Located at 2400 Ritson Rd N, RR 5 in nearby Oshawa, you’ll find that the grounds are ideal for what you have in mind. Tents can be rented and put in place the day before the wedding and reception. You’ll also find that quite a bit of the basics needed to arrange for the reception are on hand and can be reserved for use as well.

If you like the idea of an indoor event, consider using the Club House for the wedding. Space can be set aside to create a charming setting for the ceremony. Pair that with the use of one of the banquet halls for your reception. Whether you are thinking in terms of a small group of friends or inviting everyone you know to share in your special day, the staff will come up with arrangements that are sure to please.

The Hive Centre and Bee & Bee

There is much to recommend the Hive Centre and Bee & Bee found at 3392 Concession Road 8 in Leskard. Do you like the idea of exchanging your vows in a beautiful brick church with seating for up to 70 people? With 19th century charm, the church sports plenty of graceful windows to allow in plenty of natural light.

After the ceremony, consider an indoor reception in the Hive Centre proper. There’s room for all your guests, plenty of food, and even space set aside for a small band. If you like, there are areas of the grounds that can be reserved for an outdoor event. It will be easy enough to find a location that will serve for your ceremony and provide plenty of room for the reception.

Royal Ashburn Golf Club

The Royal Ashburn Golf Club combines the best in luxury with all the amenities of contemporary design. Your wedding at the Club can be as traditional or as eclectic as you prefer. The spaces set aside for events include picture windows that offer an expansive view of the grounds. In many areas, you maybe inside but it will seem as if the wedding or reception is being held out of doors.

The Butler’s Room is perfect for couples who would like a smaller and more casual setting. The Ashburn Room on the main floor offers a more elegant setting and will accommodate up to 160 guests. The Cedar Garden is an excellent outdoor choice complete with a gazebo resembling a chapel, trees for shade, and room for roughly 200 guests.

After selecting the venue for your wedding and reception in or near Clarington, contact us and let’s get to work on the catering. Call and a member of our staff will be happy to meet with you. Feel free to share any details about cake designs you like, entrees and other dishes you would like to serve, and information about low carbohydrate or other special considerations that would make your guests feel more comfortable. In no time at all, the menu will be perfect and you can turn your attention to those other wedding details.

photo credit: Amanda Bell Photography & Design