Marriage Day in Cobourg

Where Will You Hold Your Wedding and Reception in Cobourg?

Of course you want every detail of your wedding day to be perfect! One of the best ways to begin the planning is to select a venue in Cobourg that fits in with the vision you have for your wedding and reception. Here are some of the local options that could fit in perfectly with that vision.

The Woodlawn Inn

One option that is ideal for more intimate weddings is the Woodlawn Inn on Division Street. The beautifully maintained grounds offer several areas that are ideal for an outdoor ceremony. You can also make use of one of the main rooms on the bottom floor of the Inn for the event.

When it comes to the reception, consider making use of the restaurant or the lounge. Al fresco dining can be included in your special day or you can opt for a formal sit-down dinner with music and dancing to follow.

Victoria Hall

When the plan is to invite a larger number of guests, consider the concert hall at Victoria Hall as the venue of choice. Located on King Street SW, the concert hall is a fully-restored ballroom that is perfect for your Victorian style wedding and reception. The graceful windows coupled with the high ceilings and modern lighting make creating the perfect setting a simple task. As you will learn by talking with the staff, many of the essentials you need such as linens and tables are available as part of the reservation. The professional who takes care of your wedding catering in Cobourg will love the facilities and how easily all the foods can be arranged for presentation.

Columbus Community Centre

The Columbus Community Centre on Spencer Street East is another option that you don’t want to overlook. Take a look at the Overall Room and let your imagination soar. The space lends itself well to all sorts of themes and decorating ideas. The Centre has a collection of wedding arches that can be used to create the ideal spot for the ceremony and still leave plenty of space to decorate for the reception.

Do you like the idea of having a chocolate fountain at your reception? For a small additional fee, the staff at the Centre will be happy to supply one. In fact, there are a number of other features and decorations on hand that may fit in nicely with your ideas for your special day.

Go with a buffet style reception if keeping things casual is more your style. You can also add a formal touch with tables for all your guests, wait staff to take care of them, and a head table for the couple and other key members of the wedding party.

After you reserve the perfect venue for your Cobourg wedding and reception, give us a call . Together, we can work out the details for the dishes and beverages that you want to serve. Our team has the experience and the expertise to create food choices that are perfect for any guests with special dietary needs. If there is some traditional dish that you want to include, we’re happy to oblige. With a little planning, the menu will be perfect and you can move on to other aspects of the wedding planning.

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