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An Architectural Delight: Holding the Wedding and Reception at the Design Exchange

What would it be like to hold your wedding ceremony and reception at a venue that once served as one of the most important buildings in the Toronto financial district? How would you like to be surrounded by exhibits dedicated to the best Canadian designs to ever grace the nation? You can if you choose to reserve space for your ceremony and the reception at the Design Exchange. Here is what you can expect as you talk with your caterer about the wedding plans.

The Pedigree of the Building

The present home of the Design Exchange was once the location for the Toronto Stock Exchange. After the Exchange moved to other quarters, the building was recognized for the beauty of the design and its historical importance. Over the next several years, different owners purchased the property with the intent to utilize it for different functions.

In 1988, what would become the Design Exchange began the process of establishing the first national museum to be dedicated to the preservation of the design heritage of the country and the promotion of design excellence for the future. The effort gained official recognition in 1993 when the provincial and federal governments approved funding for the project. In December 1994, the Design Exchange officially opened and has remained so ever since.

The Ambiance

The design elements of the building help to set it apart from other wedding and reception venues. Along with the collections of design displays, the building itself makes ample use of cool marble surfaces paired with rich wood finishes. The building is also designed to provide the best combination of natural and ambient lighting. All these factors come together to create a beautiful setting for just about any size or style of wedding.

Throughout the structure, there are event areas of varying sizes. That makes it easy to reserve space for an intimate wedding and reception or secure a larger space for a more elaborate affair. The DX Event Coordination Team work closely with clients to ensure that everything necessary to ensure the reception is a success. That includes working with the professional who will handle the wedding catering at the Design Exchange.

Guests also have the option of enjoying access to the collections while at the event. The public areas of the building make it easy to move about and take in the impressive collections housed at the Exchange. People who may need a quiet moment away from the festivities can use the opportunity to learn more about the design history of Canada and in general take in the beauty of the building.

Remember that choosing to reserve space in the Design Exchange helps to support the museum and other projects aimed at preserving Canada’s design heritage and preparing a new generation to continue that heritage. In that sense, the choice to hold your event here also serves to provide something for the wider community in the years to come. Talk with your caterer today and arrange to visit the building. There may be the ideal space waiting for you and your intended.

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