Edward Day Gallery

Intimate Weddings and Receptions: What the Edward Day Gallery Has to Offer

Not everyone wants a large wedding. Some couples prefer to go with an understated and intimate wedding that includes a few close friends and relatives. While the larger venues may seem a bit overpowering for such an event, spaces that have an understated elegance are often ideal. That’s where the idea of checking into the Edward Day Gallery as the perfect location for the wedding and the reception make sense. Here are some things you need to know about this venue.

The Gallery History

The Edward Day Gallery came into being in 1992. Nestled in the Queen West Art District in Toronto, the Gallery soon established a reputation for offering exhibits covering a number of art forms. Photography, drawings, paintings, sculpture, and different types of media make up the collection on display at any given time.

Space for Weddings and Receptions

While an art gallery may seem an unlikely choice for a wedding and reception, the combination of the 3500 square feet of public gallery space coupled with the courtyard make it an ideal venue. Events like weddings and receptions are planned for after standard business hours, providing time to arrange the spaces to suit the tastes of the happy couple.

The space lends itself well to smaller gatherings. The venue capacity is usually identified as 120 guests, with the number varying based on the way that the indoor space is arranged. The fact that the Gallery is wheelchair accessible is an important factor to consider when some of the guests have limited mobility.

The outdoor space adjacent to the Gallery work well for outdoor ceremonies and receptions. A seated dinner for the reception can be arranged for around a hundred guests, while something less formal will accommodate a larger number. The natural elements included in the Courtyard make it easy to decorate for the reception. If the couple prefers, it’s also possible to stage a place for the ceremony in one area of the garden and come up with a layout for the reception in the other areas.

When it comes to wedding catering at the Edward Day Gallery, there are facilities to ensure the caterer has space to set up the preparation and ensure the serving platters are replenished with ease. Securing wait staff to serve the guests or make sure the food and cake tables are kept in order won’t be difficult.

A Suggestion for an Intimate Ceremony and Reception at the Edward Day Gallery

Warm weather makes the Courtyard an ideal setting. Consider arranging the space so that the vows are exchanged at one end of the space while the food and cake tables are arranged at the other end. With chairs for the guests floating in the middle, it will be easy enough to flip them around once the ceremony is complete and it’s time to wish the couple well and enjoy the food prepared by the professional caterer in Toronto.

Contact the Gallery today and find out more about what the space offers for smaller weddings and receptions. Visit the space and begin to envision what it would take to ensure the setting is perfect for the day. With a little planning, rest assured the venue will provide the ideal setting for that special event.

Image credit: eatertainment.com