Evergreen Brick Works

Opting for a Green Wedding and Reception: What Evergreen Brick Works Has to Offer

One of the more important aspects of wedding and reception planning is choosing a venue that the couple finds appropriate and indicative of their values. For those who place a great deal of emphasis on the environment, taking the time to explore what the Evergreen Brick Works has to offer is a good idea. Here are some basics that you will need to know as you move forward with the plans for the ceremony, the reception, and the catering.

What the Setting is Like

One of the more appealing aspects of Evergreen Brick Works is the location. Found in the ravines in the Greater Toronto Area, the building was originally built as a working factory used for manufacturing bricks. Today, there are still many elements that recall that heritage, including the larger open spaces in the building and the exposed brick that is found in so many areas of the facility.

Given the location, the view is a rustic delight that provides an example of the majesty of nature. Couples who are heavily invested in protecting the environment will appreciate that the space is used for many types of activities aimed at making the area more sustainable while leaving less of a carbon footprint. Along with offering spaces for larger events, there are also classes and other projects that help to teach people more about sustainable living.

Where to Hold the Ceremony and the Reception

There are a number of outdoor settings around the structure that are perfect for a ceremony. Indoors, it’s possible to make use of several different spaces for the reception. Smaller receptions and ceremonies can take place in the BMO Atrium and use the background as the perfect natural setting for the event.

For larger receptions, consider the Pavilion of the CRH Gallery. Each space can accommodate up to 2,000 people for a standing event. That makes them ideal for casual receptions with minimal seating required.

The wedding catering at Evergreen Brick Works can be as simple or as comprehensive as the couple and the caterer desire. It’s possible to prepare a menu that focuses on the use of nothing but natural ingredients for the reception. Spaces are available that allow catering professionals to ensure all the food is ready for serving and that the presentation is just what the couple has in mind. Along with indoor spaces, it’s possible to set up the reception at several areas on the grounds.

One of the more appealing aspects of using this venue is that the fees go to do more than cover expenses. They also provide the financing for additional course and projects related to sustainable living.

Visit the Evergreen Brick Works and arrange to take a tour of the grounds. Learn more about what type of support is provided for the catering and the preparation of space for a ceremony and a reception. Once the spot is chosen, it will be easier to focus more attention on the catering menu and the other aspects of the planning.

Image credit: eventsource.ca