Fermenting Cellar

A Unique Wedding Venue: Why the The Fermenting Cellar Fits In With Your Plans

Now that the question has been asked and answered, it’s time to make some plans. Along with someone to officiate, you will need to find a venue for your wedding and reception in Toronto that fits the style and preferences of you and your beloved. One venue that you should consider closely is The Fermenting Cellar. Here are some of the things you should know about this place before looking at any other venue.

A Long History

The structure proper has been around since the early 1860‘s. As you would imagine, it once served as a distillery and was home to some of the finest brews in the nation. The area in general is still considered to be an industrial section of town, but don’t let that put you off. There’s all sorts of wonderful things to see and do.

What Does the Place Look Like?

You’ll love the features that come with the Fermenting Cellar. The original Kingston limestone walls are still in place and add an air of timeless beauty to the venue. Many couples have found that they love the the timber beams that provide support for the ceiling. Some of those beams date back to the original construction and provide a glimpse of a bygone era while still adding a touch of efficiency and beauty to the space.

While much of the original structure is present, all the modern amenities are also part of what you get to enjoy. With 7500 square feet of space to arrange for your ceremony and reception, there will be no problem coming up with a floor plan that creates a spectacular setting. The 35-foot ceilings ensure that even if the place is filled to capacity there is still a sense of being in an open area. The heating and air conditioning are more than adequate for keeping the facility at the ideal temperature. No matter whether you wish to hold your wedding in the summer or winter, rest assured your guests will be comfortable.

What Amenities are Included by the Fermenting Cellar?

Upon request, the team at the Fermenting Cellar can provide the tables and linens for your guests. That includes the place settings. Four mobile bars are also available for your use. The space provides reasonable audio-visual options and room for a band or a deejay to set up. Outside vendors are allowed, so you can choose anyone you like to take care of the wedding catering in Toronto.

After you tour the venue and have the reservations in place, call us . Our team will sit down with you and work out the specifics of the food you want for the reception. We also do wedding and groom’s cakes in any style of design that you can imagine. If some of your guests need certain types of food due to preferences or dietary restrictions, we will take those into account and ensure the menu is varied enough to please every guest.

Image credit: eventsource.ca