Wedding in Gardiner Museum

Why the Gardiner Museum is Perfect for Your Wedding and Reception

As you look around for the right location for your wedding and reception in Toronto, don’t overlook the Gardiner Museum. As an integral part of Queen’s Park, the Museum has a couple of spaces that could be just what you need. Here is some information about the Museum and why it’s worth considering as the setting for your special day.

Canada’s National Ceramics Museum

The Gardiner Museum was founded in 1984 for the purpose of housing the ceramics collection of George and Helen Gardiner. Many of the permanent exhibitions provide classic examples of the best ceramics produced in the country. The structure itself sports expansive windows that go from the floor to the ceiling and make the most efficient use of natural light. This is important if you plan on holding a morning or early afternoon wedding.

Considering the Terrace Room

One of the more popular Museum areas used for events is the Terrace Room. The windows in this area also run from the floor to the ceiling and provide a beautiful view of the street. Since the Museum is located across the street from the Royal Ontario Museum, your guests will enjoy a beautiful view any time of the day or evening. If you do choose to hold your event in the late afternoon or early evening, the overhead lighting is subtle enough to allow for the use of candles and still permit the guests to admire the graceful lighting outside.

The minimalist design of the Terrace Room means that you can go with any style you want for the wedding and reception. Create a charming spot to exchange your vows while your friends and family look on. At the opposite end of the space, it’s easy enough to set up food for the reception and allow the guests to help themselves. If you like it’s possible to bring in panels or use drapes to create an intimate setting for the ceremony and use the remainder of the space for the reception.

The Lobby

You can also consider reserving the Lobby for your event. The limestone floors provide an natural element that many couples will find appealing. The stark white walls help to lend an air of expansiveness to the space while the black glass countertops complete the contemporary look.

Consider using this space for your reception and reserve the Terrace Room for the ceremony. Seating for your guests can be arranged in both spaces with ease. Talk with the staff about other essentials like table linens, flatware, and folding tables for the reception.

After you work out the details at the Gardiner Museum, give us a call and start planning the menu. Our team can help you choose the perfect design for the bride’s cake, make suggestions that are fun and yet dignified for the groom’s cake, and provide some inspiration for any types of foods you wish to serve. Whether the plan is to go with a more formal reception or something that’s casual, we have the solutions and the experience to make it happen.

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