Authentic Wedding in Georgina

Choosing the Right Venue for Your Wedding and Reception in Georgina

Georgina holds a special place in your heart. That’s why you would love to hold your wedding ceremony and reception there or at least somewhere in the Greater Toronto Area. As you begin to make your plans, spend a little time exploring what the area has to offer. Here are a few suggestions that may lead you to the perfect venue for your wedding and reception in Georgina.


Located at 26479 Civic Centre Road, the ROC provide you with a friendly staff that can help you with your wedding planning. Do you like the idea of having the ceremony in front of a picture window that provides a view of the winter landscape? How about a fireplace with a roaring fire to warm your guests? From larger to smaller weddings and receptions, there are several spots around the facility that are ideal.

Parking will not be a problem for your guests and making the arrangements to reserve one or more areas for your big day is simple. You can go with one of the wedding packages offered or work with the staff to come up with something unique.

Pioneer Village

Does the idea of holding your wedding and reception in a historical setting fit in with your plans. Pioneer Village provides a number of indoor and outdoor locations that you can reserve. Consider holding the ceremony on the Free Methodist Church located in the Village. Dating from 1889, the simple design lends itself well to any theme you have in mind.

Follow with an an outdoor reception at Jackson’s Point. There’s room for up to 200 guests and plenty to see and do in the surrounding park. The staff will provide information on tables, linens, and other things that you will need to plan for the reception and the wedding.

De La Salle Chapel

Would you like an indoor space with an open floor plan, high ceilings, and plenty of natural light? The De La Salle Chapel at 1940 Metro Road is your solution. With a capacity of 165, it’s easy enough to arrange the space so you have room for the ceremony and the reception alike. Tables and chairs are available upon request and there are picnic areas that can be aside if you want to go with an indoor ceremony and an outdoor reception to follow. When talking with a professional to manage the catering, mention that the facility does not include a kitchen. That will make it easier to plan a menu with selections that can be prepared off site and transported to the reception.

Once you’ve selected the site for your special day in Georgina, contact us and let’s begin the planning for your reception menu. One call to 647-503-3580 is all it takes to connect you with a professional who can make suggestions based on the number of people you’re inviting, the preparation facilities at your selected venue, and the budget you have in mind. Whether you are planning a small reception or one that will include a large number of people, our team will ensure everything goes according to the plan.

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