Wedding in Hart House

History Elegance and Charm: Why Hart House is Right for Your Wedding and Reception

Congratulations on setting your wedding date! Now it’s time to think about where you will hold the wedding ceremony and reception. One of the locations that you must see is Hart House on the University of Toronto campus. After you take a look at this venue, you will not want to look anywhere else.

What Makes it Special?

During more than a century of history, Hart House has been the site of many important events. Heads of state have been honored at celebrations within its walls. Celebrities have been present for award dinners and other special events. Royalty has been entertained at Hart House.

It’s not all about who has been there before. The beauty of the campus architecture also plays a role in making this a special place for your wedding and reception in Toronto. Think of what it would be like to have your ceremony in a chapel adorned with some of the most beautiful stained glass windows in the province. With a seating capacity of hundreds, it’s easy to set the right mood for the start of your lives together.

You’ll be surrounded by marble floors, oak walls, ornate ceilings, and some of the most intricate and eye-catching stone work in the area.

What are Some of the Options?

You’ll find the Great Hall with room for 425 people to be the perfect place to ensure your guests enjoy a reception that’s exciting, comfortable, and provides the opportunity for everyone to relax and celebrate with the happy couple.

Does the idea of having your wedding or the reception outdoors strike your fancy? You’re in luck! Hart House includes a beautiful outdoor quadrangle that can be arranged any way you like. Encompassed by the magnificent walls of the House itself, you can easily arrange the space so there’s plenty of room for guests to sit down and enjoy the food provided courtesy of the wedding catering in Toronto. With room for a band, your guests can also relish the thrill of dancing in the open air.

Winter weddings and receptions offer the opportunity to use the snow and ice as inspiration for the wedding theme. There’s also the chance to enjoy a roaring fire at the reception, something that helps to add a sense of being among loved ones in a cozy setting.

If you like the idea of Hart House for your wedding and/or reception, remember to act now. Along with reserved events for royalty, celebrities, and others, there are also a number of other functions that take place in the space. That includes the annual Toronto International Film Festival.

With your venue booked, call us and talk with us about the wedding cake, the grooms cake, and any other touches you would like to go with the catering already provided by Hart House. Together, it will be easy to work out the details and ensure your wedding day is everything you want it to be.

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