MOCCA Courtyard

A Work in Progress: What the New MOCCA Will Offer in the Way of Space for Weddings and Receptions

While the old MOCCA Courtyard in the Art District of Toronto is no more, that does not mean the end of weddings and receptions at MOCCA. The Museum of Contemporary Art is relocating from the former location on Queen to a new one on Sterling Road. For couples who have made the decision to marry but would like to use the next year or so to make sure everything is perfectly planned, there’s an excellent chance that the new location will offer much of what the old venue provided.

Background of MOCCA

MOCCA began as the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art in 1999. Originally located in North York, the Museum relocated in 2005 to Queen Street where it would remain a fixture for the next decade. The arrival of the Museum did much to promote the local art community and encourage the growth of local businesses. The Courtyard adjacent to the Museum also became a popular venue for all sorts of events, including weddings and receptions.

In 2015, the announcement was made that MOCCA would relocate to Sterling Road and occupy the first five floors of the Tower Automotive Building. Along with continuing to offer space for collections to intrigue and educate the public, there will be space provided for all sorts of public and private events. The new Museum is slated to open during 2017.

What will the New Venue Offer?

The MOCCA Courtyard on Queen may be no more, but that doesn’t mean the new facility will lack anything in the way of event planning facilities. Halls of varying sizes will accommodate smaller as well as larger wedding ceremonies. Reception space will also be available, along with staff who can help with setting up tables and chairs. Thanks to the renovation taking place, these spaces will include access to electricity to power all sorts of presentations. If the happy couple would like someone to prepare a slide presentation to run while the reception is taking place, that will not be a problem.

Wedding catering at MOCCA will continue to be easy to arrange. The new venue will include an institutional kitchen that provides plenty of room for caterers to set up and ensure that each offering for the reception is perfect. Hiring staff to ensure the tables are arranged and decorated properly will not be hard to manage. Staff can also be on hand during the reception to ensure that empty plates are collected, platters are refilled when the need arises, and there is always someone to take care of the open bar and the punch table.

Local caterers in Toronto are watching the progress of the new MOCCA location closely and will have access to more details about the amenities offered for weddings and receptions. If the plan is to reserve space for a wedding or reception in late 2017 or during 2018, work closely with the caterer to keep abreast of how the progress is going and when the Museum will have finished space for these types of celebrations. At that point, taking a look at what the space has to offer will make it easy to decide if this venue is the right one.