Muskoka Wedding Receptions

What are Some of the Venues Available for Weddings and Receptions in Muskoka?

You want your wedding day to be an event that is treasured for the rest of your life. That’s why finding the best venues in Muskoka and the surrounding area must be a priority. To help you with the search, here are a few venues that you should visit.

Severn Lodge

Located in the heart of the Muskoka-Georgian Bay lake district, the Lodge has served as the romantic setting for a number of weddings and receptions over the years. You have the option of planning a waterside ceremony during just about any time of the day or early evening. It’s even possible to book the entire resort for your event and arrange for accommodations for all of your guests.

The Lodge accepts reservations for weddings during the months of May, June, September, and October. There are minimums that must be met in order to secure the reservation. Most weekend weddings require at least 100 guests for the event and a minimum of 46 rooms reserved for the weekend. Depending on the season, these minimum requirements may not apply if you plan on holding the wedding and reception during the other days of the week.

Sherwood Inn

Have you given some thought to a winter wedding? If so, looking into what the Sherwood Inn has to offer is a must. The Inn boasts a hall that includes floor to ceiling windows that provide a spectacular view of the winter weather. To make the occasion even more special, imagine the bride descending from a 24-step staircase into the area where the guests are gathered. The dining facilities allow plenty of space for any type of reception you desire. From simple arrangements that ensure everyone can help themselves to formal meals served by the wait staff, there’s something for just about every taste. Once you coordinate with the staff and the team who will take care of the wedding catering in Muskoka, rest assured that the food will be fabulous.

Keep in mind that the Inn also offers wedding packages any time of the year. If you prefer lush green surroundings to the snow, plan a spring or summer event instead.

Bala Bay Inn

Perhaps you are looking for something more relaxed and eclectic but still found in the greater Muskoka area. The Bala Bay Inn is just for you. A waterside ceremony on the docks by Lake Muskoka provides the peace and quiet you want for such an occasion. Jaspen and Windsor Parks are a short walk and provide you with the opportunity to hold the ceremony on the beach.

Best of all, it’s possible to have all of your guests under one roof for the weekend. Thanks to the affordable per person rate, it’s easy to ensure that everyone is comfortable and gets to enjoy the reception as well as the ceremony.

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