Wedding Ideas & Catering in Orillia

Where Will You Hold Your Wedding and Reception in Orillia?

While you are still considering different ideas for your upcoming ceremony and reception in Orillia, there’s no need to put off visiting possible venues. Some of the qualities of those venues could provide the inspiration needed to decide on a theme and choose the right location. Here are a few suggestions that will help you along the way.

Northbrook Farm Weddings

Located in the Severn Township just outside Orillia, Northbrook Farm will conjure up visions of rural weddings from times past. The property includes a number of outdoor settings that are ideal for your ceremony. Does the idea of a babbling brook bordered by beautiful flowers strike you as the right spot to exchange your vows? How about the idea of arriving at your ceremony in a horse-drawn open carriage? Those are just some of the elements you can include if you choose Northbrook Farm as your venue.

You’ll also find that the Farm offers a number of areas suitable for a reception. Opt for something closer to the house and make use of the gardens. You can also set up the event neat whatever location you choose for the reception. Chairs and other essentials are on hand for use and can be put in place the day of the wedding.

Hawk Ridge Golf & Country Club

Do you like the idea of an outdoor ceremony in a setting that includes a waterfall and a rock garden? If so, Hawk Ridge Golf & Country Club is the place for you. With space to accommodate up to 120 guests, there is also room for a signing table and the option of an temporary shelter to protect you from the possibility of rain.

Your reception can also be held on the grounds or planned for the ballroom. When the idea is to have more guests for the reception, the ballroom is an excellent choice. A standing reception in the space provides plenty of room for up to 300 guests, the food, and a space for dancing.

The Club offers several packages. Take the time to go over each and work with the staff to customize as needed.

Stone Gate Inn

The Stone Gate Inn offers a wonderful setting for an intimate wedding. Consider reserving the Granite Room for the entire day and use the space for both the reception and the ceremony. If necessary, it’s also possible to use the lobby area as part of the reception. Ask about the weekend wedding getaway packages and you may find that this will also be the perfect place to begin your honeymoon.

After you select the ideal venue for your wedding day, contact us and let’s get to work on the food for your reception. Call us and our team of catering experts in Orillia will help you plan the cakes, foods, beverages, and other delights that make the reception memorable. Leave the details in our hands and rest assured that the result will be something you remember fondly for many years to come.

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