Wedding Party in Ottawa

Let the Wedding Planning Begin: Finding the Right Venue in Ottawa

Now that the question has been asked and answered, it’s time to settle on a venue for the wedding. The good news is there are many wonderful places in and around Ottawa to hold the ceremony and the reception. Here are some examples to discuss with the wedding planner and possibly with the professional who will handle the wedding catering in Ottawa.

From This Day Forward

Located in the heart of Ottawa, From This Day Forward is a venue especially designed for those who want an elegant setting but don’t plan on having a large guest list. With space to accommodate up to 48 guests along with the wedding party, this combines the beauty of natural stone work with contemporary furnishings and lighting that can be used to set just about any mood. There is also a spacious suite set aside for the bride and the attendants to prepare for the ceremony.


While more than a wedding venue in Ottawa, Strathmere does offer several different sites on the 200-acre property that are ideal for a ceremony and a reception. Choosing the right one depends on the tastes of the couple and the number of people who will attending the event.

The Garden House provides a soothing location to hold a traditional wedding and provides the space needed to ensure there’s room for any type of flowers and other elements the couple desires. The Barn has also been restored and provides an ideal place for more casual weddings and receptions. There is even the option of reserving one or more rooms in the Main House. Depending on which area is chosen, it’s easy enough to accommodate up to 250 guests.

Ottawa Wedding Chapel

The Ottawa Wedding Chapel in nearby Kenmore offers more than a chapel for a wedding. The facility has also hosted baptismal services and various types of receptions and celebratory dinners. For the convenience of couples, the Chapel offers several different wedding packages. Couples who plan on exchanging their vows with a few closed loved ones at hand will want to consider the When Two Hearts Meet package. Those planning on a weekend wedding with more people in attendance will want to look into the packages offered for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Evermore Weddings and Events

Located in Almonte, this venue has historical importance. Originally the home of Dr. James Naismith, the inventor of basketball, the property has been transformed into the ideal spot for a wedding and reception. Along with space in the main house, there is the possibility of setting up space for a ceremony and reception in many different areas of the perfectly maintained landscape. Consider areas like the Outdoor Lounge, the Outdoor Courtyard, and the fully restored Barn. Antique furnishings and beautiful linens are on hand for use during the reception.

Take the time to learn more about these wedding venues in and around Ottawa today. Once the location is determined, it will be easier to work with a caterer to plan the perfect menu and ensure every detail is settled in advance. Call us today and let’s start planning a menu that will be just what you and your guests want.

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