Wedding in Palais Royale

The Palais Royale: The Perfect Setting for a Wedding and Reception

The Greater Toronto Area does not lack suitable spaces for weddings and receptions. Without a doubt, the Palais Royale is among those locations. Couples who are contemplating a setting for their big day would do well to learn more about what this setting has to offer. Here is some information that will prove helpful.

The History of the Palais Royale

Starting life in the early 20th century as the Palais Royale Ballroom, a number of notable musicians graced the facility with their presence. Luminaries like Duke Ellington and Count Basie entertained music lovers on multiple occasions, providing the opportunity to enjoy an elegant evening of dinner and dancing. For many years, the Ballroom served as one of the premier social settings for those who enjoyed the finer things in life.

While ballroom and swing dancing eventually made way for other activities, the Hall entered into a new era with the conversion into a centre for various types of events. Since 2005, the Palais Royale has been the site of many beautiful weddings and receptions.

What the Palais Royale Offers

For those who plan on hosting a larger wedding, the Ballroom proper is an excellent choice. The space can be arranged to suit the needs of the wedding planners with ease. Drawing on the inspiration of the elegance provided by nature, the basic colour scheme in the space is a combination of gold, green, taupe, and chocolate. The art deco furnishings speak of the history of the facility and provide the opportunity to include a sense of history in the style of the ceremony.

Along with the Ballroom, the Courtyard Patio provides a beautiful setting for a reception and and outdoor ceremony. Overlooking Lake Ontario, the patio is often used for events during the warmer months of summer and the early autumn. This is a particular inviting location when the plan is to hold a cocktail reception before or immediately following the ceremony.

Wedding catering at the Palais Royale includes access to equipment and a kitchen that ensures no detail is overlooked. Whether the plan is to prepare and serve food at more formal sit-down reception or opt for something more casual, there will be staff on hand to handle the serving and ensure the guests are taken care of throughout the event.

A Suggested Plan for the Wedding and Reception

It’s not unusual for couples to make use of the Ballroom for the ceremony. With the beautiful backdrop, it’s easy to draw on flora appropriate for the season to bring the space to life. The size of the Ballroom ensures there is room for every guest without anyone feeling crowded. Thanks to the room design, it’s easy to use just the right amount of lighting to set the desired mood for the event.

Pair the ceremony in the Ballroom with a reception on the Patio. The open space and the beautiful view will ensure that guests feel free to settle in, enjoy each other’s company, and have the opportunity to extend their best wishes to the happy couple. Those who are handling the wedding catering at the Palais Royale will find that keeping the guests suppled with plenty of food and drink will not be difficult. Help with wait staff is simple and can be arranged well before the wedding day.

Arrange to visit the Palais Royale and learn more about what this location has to offer. After touring the grounds and the building, there will be no need to consider any other venue.

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