Pembroke Wedding Ceremony

Wedding and Reception Venues in Pembroke That You Must See

Choosing the right location for your Pembroke wedding and reception does mean taking the time to look closely at several venues. The good news is that finding the perfect one will not be as difficult as you think. One of these locations could be exactly what you want.

Best Western Pembroke Inn & Conference Centre

Perhaps you are looking for a venue that provides spaces for a ceremony, a reception, and also accommodations for your out of town guests. If this is what you have in mind, the Best Western Pembroke Inn & Conference Centre is an excellent choice. The rooms are clean, decorated tastefully, and available at competitive rates. That will certainly please your guests in terms of having a place to stay and not getting lost on the way to your wedding.

The meeting spaces in the Conference Centre can be transformed into the ideal areas for your wedding ceremony. There are rooms that will be just right for a smaller guest list of 50 and others designed to provide plenty of space for hundreds of guests. Plan a formal dinner for your reception or keep things simple with a stand up reception coupled with a buffet style selection of food and drink. The Inn provides table linens as well as all the basic serving dishes needed. The team managing your wedding catering will have an easy time or making sure the platters, plates, and bowls of food are arranged to perfection. You’ll even find that there’s plenty of resources to make the bride’s and groom’s tables look their best.

Anthony's Italian Grill

When you are planning a wedding and reception that includes a few close loved ones, Anthony's Italian Grill on Pembroke Street East offers a contemporary setting with just the right touch of elegance. With private dining areas that will accommodate a dozen or so guests, it’s easy enough to arrange for a casual sit-down reception or have the food served buffet style. The upstairs dining room can be arranged so there’s room to set up an area for the exchange of vows and still have space for the rest of the celebration.

Holiday Inn Express Pembroke

The Holiday Inn Express in Pembroke is another option if you have guests coming from out of town. Consider reserving the boardroom for a small wedding ceremony and then adjourn to the pool area for a casual reception. You can also think about reserving space at the nearby Algonquin Park for an outdoor ceremony and return to the Inn for your reception.

Once you find the ideal location for your wedding day, it’s time to start thinking about what to serve at the reception. That includes the wedding cake and maybe even a groom’s cake to round things out. Contact us and let’s discuss what sort of menu would work for your special day. It won’t take long for our team to come up with the right approach to catering in Pembroke and ensure that your guests will enjoy every morsel.

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