Wedding in ROM

A Venue With Style and Culture: Reserving the Royal Ontario Museum for Your Wedding and Reception

How would you like the idea of holding your wedding and reception at a venue visited by more than a million people each year? If the idea seems exciting, you want to visit the Royal Ontario Museum and find out more about the special events hosted there. You’ll find that weddings and receptions in Toronto are among those events. Here are some of the things you’ll learn on the visit to the Museum.

Over a Century of Excellence

The ROM first opened its doors in 1914 and has gained a reputation for being one of the largest museums in North America. As the single largest museum in Canada, the ROM was associated with the University of Toronto until 1968. At that time, it became an independent agency under the governance of the province. With 40 galleries and in excess of 6 million items, the exhibits include just about everything that can be imagined.

Settings for Weddings and Receptions

Many people are surprised to learn that the ROM has hosted events of just about every size and type. That includes weddings and receptions. Perhaps you are looking for something simple and only want to include a dozen or so loved ones. It’s easy enough to reserve space in one of the galleries or event rooms for this purpose.

When the plan is to create a wedding and a reception that includes up to 2,000 guests, the ROM can also accommodate the crowd. The team at the Museum can help you and the wedding planner coordinate everything. That includes choosing a location for the ceremony, arranging one of the galleries for the reception, and providing some of the essentials like seats, tables, and linens. You are free to use any professional you like for the wedding catering in Toronto. That is especially helpful when you have someone in mind.

Help With the Planning

The staff will be on hand to provide assistance to your provider in the form of receiving deliveries from florists and other essentials. As part of the planning, remember to secure time for the spaces to be decorated and the seating arranged to your liking. Many of the galleries offer a combination of natural and ambient lighting so you will find it easy to create the look and feel that you want.

At your request, the Museum staff will also arrange for the set up of the reserved spaces, and have a crew come in to take care of the clean up once the reception is over. That will make it all the easier for you and your guests to enjoy the day and know that everything is under control.

Once the date for your wedding and reception is reserved, give us a call . We’ll work closely with you to develop the right menu for your reception. Whether you require something intimate and simple for an early afternoon wedding or a full sit-down reception with servants for a guest list of a thousand, we will know what to do. Remember that we can also supply the cakes and ensure there is something for even the most particular guest to enjoy.

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