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Your Wedding Day in St. Catharines: Venues That You Need to Visit

One of the decisions that must be made early in the wedding planning is where to hold the ceremony and the reception. The good news is that you will have plenty of choices in St. Catherines and the Greater Toronto Area. Depending on what you have in mind, one of these wedding venues may be exactly what you have in mind.

Stone Mill Ballroom

Have you ever dreamed of descending into your wedding space with the aid of a beautiful staircase? Your wish will come true if you choose to reserve the Stone Mill Ballroom. One of the features you will find with the Grand Mezzanine is the wrought iron staircase that allows you to make a special entrance at the beginning of your ceremony. The Mezzanine proper includes tall ceilings and a center chandelier that add to the overall charm of the space.

You’ll find the fieldstone flooring is perfect for dancing and dining. The staff will help you come up with the perfect layout for the space, based on the number of guests you are expecting. With a capacity of 240, you won’t have any issues arranging the space to suit your preferences.

Rockway Vineyards

What are your plans for the reception? If you would like to do a simple cocktail reception, the Rockway Vineyards can ensure everything is prepared with ease. There is also the option of having a four-course formal dinner reception if you plan on a late afternoon/early evening wedding and reception to follow. Even if you would like to go with a casual buffet, the spaces available indoors and outdoors at the Vineyards can be reserved and set up to fit your needs. You’ll find that basics like chairs and table linens are on hand. There is also space set aside for those who take care of the wedding catering in St. Catherines to take care of those last minute preparations before the food is served.

Queenston Chapel

Constructed in 1862, the Queenston Chapel includes all the features you would expect from a simple chapel dating from the era. You’ll find beautiful hardwood flooring, solid wooden pews complete with graceful scrollwork, and arched windows that allow plenty of natural light into the space. The stained glass panes in the Gothic windows add to the overall charm of the space. A chancel area at the front of the sanctuary is perfect for smaller wedding parties and ensures that every guest sitting in the pews will be able to see the ceremony clearly.

The Chapel has a maximum capacity of 100 and is available for reservations in two-hour increments. Free parking is located nearby, so your guests can reach the Chapel with ease.

With the location settled and the reservation made, turn your attention to the wedding catering in St. Catherines. Call us and arrange to meet with one of our professional wedding caterers. Whether you are thinking of a simple reception suitable for the afternoon or a more elaborate event, we know exactly what to do. Once the plans are made, you can get back to enjoying all the fun that comes with being engaged.

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