Steam Whistle Brewery

Rustic Settings: Choosing the Steam Whistle Brewery for the Wedding and Reception

When some people think of wedding sites, they think of tall pillars, gleaming white walls, and settings that look as if they were constructed yesterday. Others prefer a more organic setting that exemplifies the beauty that is found in simplicity. Couples who are looking for the right location for a wedding and reception in the GTA will want to consider what the Steam Whistle Brewery has to offer.

The History of the Brewery

Built in 1929, what is now the Steam Whistle Brewery was known as the Roundhouse. Serving as the site for locomotive repair in the downtown Toronto area, continued to function in that capacity until it was decommissioned in 1998. The building’s revitalization as the Steam Whistle Brewery got underway in 1999.

From the grand opening in 2000, the Brewery has served as the ideal setting for a number of events, including weddings and receptions. It’s known as one of the most functional and attractive places for any type of wedding motif and wedding catering in the GTA.

What The Brewery Offers

The Brewery offers two event spaces that can serve as wonderful settings for receptions. It’s possible to enjoy a sit-down reception dinner that will accommodate up to 250 people. If the plan is to take a more casual approach, there is ample room for the food tables and up to 600 people. Thanks to the building design that includes 30-foot ceilings, the original exposed brick walls, and the large windows, the spaces allow plenty of natural light into the space. For evening receptions, the windows provide a spectacular view of the Toronto skyline and all the lights of downtown.

Wedding catering at the Steam Whistle Brewery offers the opportunity to go with just about anything the couple desires. Keep in mind that the facility does offer a traditional style Pilsner that is made using only the finest ingredients. Brewed on the premises, the guests have the opportunity to relax and enjoy beer that is made using traditional methods and offers one of the finest options available in the city.

Suggestion for the Wedding and Reception

Many couples find that they like the idea of utilizing the Hall and the Patio for their weddings and receptions. The Hall is versatile enough to fit whatever arrangements the couple has in mind. For example, it’s possible to have up to 250 seated guests for the reception without any space reserved for dancing. A guest list of 200 leaves room for a dance floor. Smaller weddings allow room for guests to be seated and to have an indoor bar and dance floor.

When the weather is nice, it’s possible to set up the reception area on the Patio. Generally, the Patio is available between April to October. The guests can enjoy the restored cobblestone flooring and the recessed rail lines that speak to the heritage of the space during it’s roundhouse days.

Take the time to learn more about the Steam Whistle Brewery and how it would make the wedding day even more memorable. Remember that the Brewery places a premium on offering the best in support with every facet of the planning so bookings for weddings and receptions are limited.

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