Story’s Building

Your Dream Wedding: What Story’s Building Has to Offer

For many years, you’ve dreamed of having a downtown Toronto wedding and inviting everyone you know. Now that you’ve met the person who you will spend the rest of your life with, it’s time to make that dream into reality. When you choose Story’s Building as the site for your wedding and reception in Toronto, rest assured the event will exceed your dreams. Here’s what you’ll enjoy at this venue.

All the Space That You Could Want

Over the space of three floors, you have access to over 14,000 square feet. The space can be arranged any way that you like. Consider the idea of having the third floor decorated for the ceremony. With the ample natural and ambient lighting in the space, it will be no problem to create any mood you want. Go with a traditional style or come up with something that’s in line with the relaxed way you and your intended like to approach life.

The second floor can serve as the location for your reception. Arrange the space so there’s plenty of room for guests to help themselves to refreshments, join a receiving line to wish you and your new spouse the best, and enjoy a little dancing. Thanks to the fact that the space is already set up with an excellent sound system and room for a DJ to set up, feel free to use any type of music you want for the occasion.

Depending on how you choose to arrange the space, it’s possible to accommodate hundreds of people. For example, if you go with a more formal banquet style for the reception, it’s possible to comfortably fit in 165 guests. A more casual reception without the use of tables will ensure there’s space for up to 225 guests. When you opt for a theatre style arrangement for the ceremony or the reception, it’s still possible to have 200 guests without anyone feeling cramped.

Plenty of Space for the Catering

The Story’s Building includes plenty of room for caterers to set up and prepare every platter and dish for your reception. Thanks to the up-to-date kitchen, it will be easy to keep the tables laden with food and ensure your guests always have something to enjoy as they participate in the celebration.

Amenities for Your Guests

The nice thing about Story’s Building is that the guests for your Toronto wedding and reception will enjoy a nice round of amenities. Valet parking is available, eliminating the need for anyone to walk several blocks in order to attend the event. Once the reception is over, the valet staff will ensure that the vehicle for each guest is brought around promptly.

Your guests also enjoy the benefit of having someone on hand who can take their coats and check them properly. This allows them to enjoy the day and know that retrieving their coats before leaving will not be a problem.

Once your reservation at Story’s Building is completed, contact us and let’s work out the catering details. From designing the cakes to determining what type of food you need for the reception, our team will ensure that no detail is overlooked.

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