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The Special Day is Coming! Where Will You Hold the Ceremony and the Reception?

Choosing to marry is a happy occasion that you want to share with all who are near and dear to your heart. With the special day approaching, now is the time to reserve the ideal location for your wedding ceremony and the reception that will follow. Since there are so many venues found in the Greater Toronto Area, it may seem a little overwhelming to consider them all. Start with these wedding venues in Stouffville and you won’t have to look any further.

Willow Springs Winery

Are you unsure of whether to hold all the events for your wedding day inside or would you like to also have some of them arranged for outdoors? At the Willow Springs Winery at 5572 Bethesda Road, you have the opportunity to explore all your options. The winery grounds has several outdoor locations that include beautiful landscaping that adds to the magic of the day. Consider an indoor reception in the old winery proper and take advantage of the excellent wine selections that are included in the reservation.

You’ll find that the staff offers a customizable wedding package which includes many of the essentials needed for indoor or outdoor events. Take the time to explore the each option offered and feel free to ask questions. It won’t be long until every detail related to the setting is arranged to your liking.

Emerald Hills Golf Club

One of the reasons that many couples choose Emerald Hills Golf Club is because of the majestic landscaping found on the grounds. It’s not just about the golf course at 14001 Warden Avenue; it’s also about the stunning view from the clubhouse and the graceful gardens that serve as excellent locations for ceremonies. The facilities include areas that are ideal for small weddings as well as larger gathering spots that will accommodate all the guests that you desire.

The staff has a great deal of experience in helping make arrangements and will provide support in selecting linens, arranging the tables, and in general making sure no detail is overlooked.

Crystal Fountain

In nearby Markham, you’ll find that Crystal Fountain has a great deal to offer. This event venue at 60 McDowell Gate is known for its personalized service for weddings and other events. Thanks to the contemporary elements of the place, you will find it easy to go with just about any wedding and reception theme that you desire. The staff can walk you through each of the wedding packages offered and customize them to suit your preferences.

Consider using one of the two grand ballrooms for your reception. The smaller room will work find for a guest list of 150 while the larger ballroom provides space for up to 900 guests. In each room, the combination of tall ceilings, graceful windows, and beautiful chandeliers are sure to make the event all that you could want.

With your Stouffville venue selected, it’s time to think about the catering. Contact our team and let’s begin the planning for your cakes, entrees, vegetables, sweets and all the other delicious offerings you want to include. Whether you are planning an intimate reception with a few close loved ones or an event with hundreds, we will know exactly what to do and how to ensure everything comes together perfectly.

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