Sunnyside Pavilion

Outdoor Weddings and Receptions: What the Sunnyside Pavilion Has to Offer

With plans to hold the wedding and reception during the summer, why not think about having everything outside? One of the best places for this type of event is the Sunnyside Pavilion. While the Sunnyside facilities once focused more on swimming and other types of summer fun, there is now space that is ideal for any couple to exchange their vows. Here are some of the things you need to know about this venue.

How It All Happened

There’s some difference of opinion on how the area came to be referred to as Sunnyside. Some claim it has to do with a wealthy landowner who settled in the area in the latter part of the 19th century. What is firmly established is that the Sunnyside Bathing Pavilion was in operation by the early 1920s and remains so today.

At different times, the Bathing Pavilion provided services like transport for children to the beach area. There were also outdoor changing rooms and eventually public transport that made it easier for everyone in the Greater Toronto Area to enjoy the place. During the 1980s, the Pavilion underwent some updates that included developing parts of the property for uses other than sun bathing and swimming. Since that time, the Pavilion has become a popular spot for all sorts of events, including weddings and receptions.

Where to Hold the Wedding and Reception

There are several areas that are ideal for weddings and receptions of different sizes. What’s known as the Central Section serves as an ideal setting for an outdoor affair. The space can accommodate larger receptions, including those that include formal sit-down meals.

There is also the option of reserving the terrace for a wedding and reception. Located in the Central Section but not at ground level, the terrace provides a beautiful backdrop for the happy couple. The space is somewhat more intimate, making it ideal for those who prefer to keep the guest list to family members and a few close friends.

How About the Catering?

The couple can arrange catering of their choice, either by calling upon the resources of the Sunnyside Cafe or utilizing the catering service of their choice. The staff work closely with whomever takes care of the wedding catering at Sunnyside Pavilion and will ensure that the tables and chairs are arranged just as the planner needs. Resources to ensure hot dishes remain hot and cold foods are kept chilled are also on hand.

Before spending a lot of time checking out other outdoor venues, make the trek to Sunnyside Pavilion and take a look at the grounds and the spaces set apart for public events. It won’t take long to identify the right spot, talk with the staff about reserving the space, and complete the arrangements with a caterer. From there, it’s a matter of knowing the catering is in capable hands and working with the wedding planner to address all the other details that must be resolved before the wedding day arrives.

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