Wedding in Todmorden Mills

Outdoor Weddings and Receptions: Why Todmorden Mills Has It All

At present, you can’t decide between an indoor or an outdoor wedding in Toronto. The matter of where to hold the reception is also up in the air. Before you spend any more time wondering about what type of setting is best, why not pay a visit to Todmorden Mills? Located just outside Toronto, this venue will be the answer.

What You’ll See

As you drive into the Don River Valley, the beauty of nature will be all around. Nestled here and there you will find gracious homes as well as carefully restored structures. Many of those structures serve as the sites for all sorts of events, including wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Along with the buildings, there are outdoor areas set aside specifically for gatherings like ceremonies. You can opt for a smile ceremony under one of the stands of trees or something out in the open. If you like, there are tented facilities that allow you to combine the best elements of being outdoors and indoors.

There is also spaces that can be secured for the wedding party to prepare. The staff is happy to recommend rooms that can be set aside for the bride and her attendants as well as spaces that the groom’s party can use to change.

A Suggestion for Your Big Day

Consider arranging for an outdoor ceremony on the grounds. You have the benefit of all that nature has to offer as the background for the event. Chairs can be arranged any way you like. If you are planning a short ceremony, it’s also possible to arrange a minimum of seating and invite others to gather around. Consider the North Lawn for this part of your wedding day.

Pair your outdoor ceremony with a reception in the Papermill Theatre or the Brewery Gallery. Both options provide tall ceilings, lots of natural light, and all the room you want. The professional taking care of your wedding catering in Toronto can prepare a banquet style reception or you can go with something less formal.

Amenities for Your Guests

Todmorden Mills offers several amenities that your guests will enjoy. There’s ample parking near the main buildings, so there will be no long walks to get to the ceremony or the reception. The facility also offers coat checking for those who are not interested in carrying their coats and wraps with them. A friendly staff is on hand to provide guests with directions to anything they would like to see, including the displays found in the gallery. Those interested in the history of the mill will have access to displays that provide the background for the place and how it is used today.

After you settle reserve the spaces for the wedding and reception, contact us about the catering. All it takes is one call and you’ll have access to a wedding catering professional in Toronto who can help you come up with the perfect reception menu. Tell us what you want, how much you wish to set aside for the expenses, and any special needs that need to be considered. Rest assured that our team will ensure the menu is prepared to your specifications and everything will be in place before the first guest enters the reception area.

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