Toronto Botanical Gardens

A Lush Setting: What the Toronto Botanical Gardens Offers for Your Wedding and Reception

Do you like the idea of an indoor wedding venue in Toronto combined with access to a courtyard? If so, pay a visit to the Toronto Botanical Gardens and talk with the team about identifying the right area for your ceremony and reception. Many couples have found that this unique blend of an indoor space connected with easy access to the outdoors was exactly what they wanted. Here are some examples of how your special day can be arranged.

The Garden Hall

Perhaps you are planning on a simple ceremony and reception that includes a few close loved ones in attendance. The Garden Hall is perfect for what you have in mind. With fresh white walls to serve as the backdrop, you can have a professional dress the space any way you like. From a traditional to the most exotic theme you can come up with, creating the ambiance suitable for your tastes will be easy.

The Hall also includes access to a kitchen that the team handling your wedding catering in Toronto can put to good use. A private entrance is provided for your guests, along with chairs, tables, and any of the other basics necessary for the event. There’s even a cloak room where your guests can store their winter coats during the ceremony and the reception.

If you like the idea of using the Hall for your reception but would like an outdoor ceremony, there’s a sunken courtyard right outside. The courtyard includes a waterfall, beautiful gardens, and a stone bridge that would be a perfect backdrop as the two of you exchange your vows.

The Floral Hall

When the plan is to have more guests at the wedding and reception, considering the Floral Hall is a good idea. With 20-foot ceilings and skylights to allow in plenty of natural light, the neutral color scheme works just as well as the Garden Hall for any occasion. The stage area could be used as the spot for the couple, officiant and the other members of the wedding party while the remainder of the space is set up with seating for the guests. There’s also a changing room that the bridal party can use to get ready.

As with the Garden Hall, the Floral Hall also opens onto a private courtyard. With graceful fruit trees and an abundance of blooming plants, there is plenty of room to set up tables and chairs for a formal reception. With a little planning, having room for a wedding and reception of up to 200 people will be easy.

Reserve the hall of your choice today and contact us for help with the catering. Our team can provide ideas for the bride’s and groom’s cakes as well as help you select foods that are perfect for the theme you have in mind. If you have loved ones who are on strict diets for health or other reasons, rest assured that we can create dishes suitable for them. Once the menu is approved, you can get back to enjoying your engagement and taking care of a few of those other wedding details.

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