Ideas for Wedding in Uxbridge

Exploring Wedding and Reception Venues in the Uxbridge Area

You love the charm of Uxbridge party because village life always attracted your attention. Since you are about to embark on a new chapter of your life, why not begin in or near such a setting? Here are some suggestions for where to hold your wedding and reception in the Uxbridge area and begin your married life with the serenity that comes with country living.

Wooden Sticks

The Wooden Sticks Golf Club is no stranger to weddings and other special events. In fact, the club has several wedding packages that you will want to go over carefully. Think about holding an outdoor exchange of vows in the ceremonial garden, and follow it with a reception in the elegant banquet hall. Even if your plans don’t include a formal seated affair, you’ll find that the hall is perfect for creating a lovely space for the bridal cake, all the food your guests can eat, and lots of room for dancing and socializing.

Perhaps you are thinking along the lines of a small wedding. That’s fine. The club has several areas that would be ideal for a wedding and reception for 30 or less. The staff is happy to provide help with selecting the spaces, setting up tables, and in general making sure what you need is at hand.

Uxbridge Music Hall

While primarily a venue for the performing arts, it is possible to reserve space in the Uxbridge Music Hall for private events like weddings and receptions. One of the perks that come with this venue is the accommodations provided for guests with limited mobility. Wider doors and restroom accommodations on the main floor will help those who would otherwise hesitate to attend the wedding to feel right at home.

With balcony seating and a stage area, the Hall provides an ideal setting for a larger ceremony. Owing to the design of the theatre, the acoustics make it an easy task for every guest to hear the couple exchange their vows. For couples who like the idea of having a reception at the same site as the ceremony, there is ample space in the front lobby to plan for light refreshments, a cake, and the other elements of a casual reception.

Uxbridge Community Centre

The Community Centre at 291 Brock Street West sports an arena that will accommodate up to 435 people. That works out well when you have a large number of friends and family who want to share in your special day. A banquet hall is attached to the main arena and provides the ideal setting for receptions of any type you like. You are free to make arrangements for wedding catering in Uxbridge with any professional you like. The Centre does have tables, chairs, and several other basics to aid in the planning and set up for your special day.

Once you have your wedding venue in Uxbridge reserved, think about what you would like in the way of catering, Give us a call and schedule a date for a consultation. One of our expert catering planners will provide some ideas for the basic menu and incorporate any special dishes you would like to serve. If some of your guests require certain types of foods due to health issues or personal convictions, we are happy to include foods that are ideal for them.

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