Plan Your Wedding in Vaughan

Three Venues in and Around Vaughan That are Perfect for Your Wedding

While you haven’t decided exactly what you want in a wedding venue in Vaughan, there are some definite ideas about what you would prefer to leave out of the equation. Fortunately, there are venues that are ideal for just about every taste. Here are a few examples of wedding venues that are likely to provide you with a better idea of where you want to begin your lives together.

Hazelton Manor

Perhaps you are still deciding how many guests to invite. It never hurts to consider a wedding venue in Vaughan that with spaces that are ideal for smaller and more intimate ceremonies as well as room for hundreds of guests. That’s what you have with Hazelton Manor. There are areas set aside that are just fine for 100 or fewer guests. Other spaces will easily accommodate up to 800 guests.

Another perk of choosing Hazelton Manor is that they offer several different wedding packages. Once a decision is made about which space to use, rest assured the staff will take care of making sure all the right elements are in place. While you work with a professional to come up with the plans for the wedding catering in Vaughan, the staff will make sure the tables and chairs are properly arranged, have the linens in place, even make sure the lighting is just what you want for the ceremony and the reception. When the day is over, the staff will also take care of putting away everything and preparing the space for the next client.

Bellevue Manor

The 19th century architecture of Bellevue Manor provides plenty of options for any type of wedding and reception that you have in mind. The cast limestone walls and the Italian Crema marble lend an elegance to the Grand Foyer that is difficult to find at other venues.

Consider the Grand Salon for the ceremony and possibly the reception. It’s possible to set up round tables and easily accommodate a guest list of 750. Thanks to the crystal chandeliers, the elegant marble, and the up to date sound and visual system, it will be easy to create a romantic and touching setting for your special day.

Terrace Banquet Centre

With several different halls to choose from, it won’t be difficult to find one that is just right for your wedding and reception plans. From smaller and more intimate affairs to receptions that include hundreds of people, there is a space that’s ideal. The staff can help with everything from planning the layout to ordering flowers and taking care of the linens. That leaves more time for you to work with the professional who will take care of the wedding catering in Vaughan and ensure the food served is just what you have in mind.

Remember that the staff can help with more than preparing the setting for the ceremony and the reception. There is also the option of having a formal rehearsal and a rehearsal dinner afterward. The staff can also provide spaces for the wedding party and the bride and groom to prepare in the hours before the ceremony takes place.

Wedding dates can seem to come quickly when there is a lot to get done in advance. Take the time to explore what these three venues have to offer and reserve the right one today. Once that’s taken care of, you can turn your attention to all the other details that need to be resolved before the walk down the aisle begins. For the catering, contact us as soon as you have the venue reserved. We’re happy to work with you and ensure the menu is everything you desire.

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