Beautiful Wedding Venues in Welland

Consider These Venues for Your Upcoming Wedding and Reception in Welland

The easy part was deciding to get married. Now comes all the preparations that need to be in place before the wedding day arrives. The first order of business is to find the right location for your wedding and reception in Welland. Here are a few venues to consider before you make a final decision.

Riverstone Event Centre

Located on River Road, the Riverstone Event Centre is one of the most popular venues in the area for everything from business conferences to wedding showers. The Pineapple Ballroom would serve you well as the site for your ceremony and reception. With a capacity of 400, it will be easy enough to plan a sit-down reception and make use of the stage area for the ceremony proper. Your reservation comes with linen options in various colours as well as all the cutlery, dishware and other basics needed to ensure your guests are comfortable.

The commercial kitchen at the Centre is perfect for preparing all of the reception foods for presentation. Whether the plan is to have wait staff serve each of your guests or allow them to enjoy a buffet style reception, the professional handling your catering in Welland will have only the best facilities to work the magic.

The Little Wedding Chapel

Perhaps you would like a traditional setting for the ceremony and a simple reception to follow. The Little Wedding Chapel in nearby Niagara Falls is worth considering. Featuring beautiful stained glass windows and a central aisle for the bride to use for the procession, the Chapel has all the charm of a late 19th century house of worship combined with modern amenities. When the plan is to go with an intimate wedding of no more than 40, the Little Wedding Chapel is an excellent choice.

You may also like the idea of a simple garden reception just outside the chapel. The landscape provides the ideal setting for photographs and it’s easy enough to arrange for a professional to provide simple fare for your guests to enjoy.

Vineland Estates Winery

Do you like the idea of enjoying an outdoor wedding and reception in a rustic setting? A visit to the Vineland Estates Winery is in order. There are several areas around the grounds that are ideal for the ceremony. Once you exchange your vows, walk back to the patio area and enjoy a reception with your loved ones. Take the opportunity to serve some of the house wines offered.

For an indoor reception, consider the Carriage House. Constructed in the middle of the 19th century, the space is perfect for a country dining experience that is sure to please your guests.

Keep in mind the Winery also has guest accommodations. Overnight reservations at the bed and breakfast ensure those who would like to tarry in the area and see more will be comfortable and cared for properly.

Now that your venue is selected, contact us and let’s work out the details for your reception. Our team of expert caterers can provide suggestions that are in line with the type of event you have in mind. In no time at all, the menu will be settled and you can get back to enjoying every moment of your engagement.

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