Online gambling: everything you need to know

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Want to get started with online gambling? Find out everything you need to know about it, and all our tips for playing safely. How does online gambling work? Online gambling generated an unprecedented turnover of C$1.7 billion in 2020. It

The meaning of Payout in casinos for gamblers

Payout in casinos

Payout is a refund to the casino players. It is measured as a percentage. Each game of chance has a specific payout, and the club calculates its average value. On its basis, conclusions are made about the chances of winning

How to become a live croupier?

live croupier

A croupier is a person (man or woman) who guides a table game in the casino. Even if you haven’t been to casinos often, you know him from the movies: clean-cut suit, impeccable appearance and always calm and controlled. With

The 10 greatest poker legends in the world

poker legends

Some people are so gigantically good at poker that they have become world-famous and rich from their poker play. For some people, poker is absolutely no gambling but a serious livelihood. You can read about the 10 greatest poker legends in the world in this article. We describe not only the richest poker players in the world but also the very best players.